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If you wish to book a room for someone in a particular room/tent on a certain date then simply book online using their name. If you wish to leave those options open for them to choose then a gift voucher is what you need.

 We offer gift vouchers of any value so your loved ones can easily go to our website and book a room or tent of their choice without paying anything and for a date convenient for them. You will receive the voucher via email which you can then print and pop into a card for them. The voucher has a code to be entered onto the booking form and can be for part or all of the booking total.

The recipient/s will need to book online as usual with a valid credit/debit card and then use the voucher code, giving a discount up to the amount you have prepaid. They will not be charged anything if you are covering the full cost.

You will first be invoiced via PayPal (payable with credit/debit cards). Once payment is made, we will issue the voucher. 

Request a voucher here
  • Vouchers expire after 12 months from date of purchase.
  • Payment is due on receipt of invoice which expires after 2 days.
  • Rooms are subject to price increase, so, upon redeeming, a room may cost slightly more than when the voucher was bought. The extra portion will be charged when booking the room online.
  • Vouchers can be used by anybody who has the code. It only works once. 
  • More nights can be added to a booking than the voucher covers. The extra is paid by the booker.
  • Minimum 2 nights. 3 nights during peak (late Dec - mid Jan and Easter)